About Me

Since starting Quilter's box, I thought you might want to know about my experience with quilting, and why I am drawn to it.
Tracy and Me - I would never have gotten into quilting without her!
I had never quilted until recently (2016).  It's very bizarre that I didn't, because I grew up with a mother who sewed and quilted.  I'm talking I wore home-made Halloween costumes, I got a hand-made AMAZING quilt for my wedding and for each of my children (as did all my siblings), there were blue ribbon's from quilt fairs.  Yeah.  I didn't quilt until I grew up and left the house.  Go figure.
A few years ago, Tracy, a good friend, moved to my neighborhood.  We became friends and I literally invited myself to Quilt Market with her in Houston.  Her mom and sister would be there, and I wanted to see what all this quilt market stuff was about.
WOW!  Quilt Market blew my mind.  The fabrics, the booths, the ideas of projects.  I wanted it all!  That same week, Tracy and her mom took me to a quilt store and helped me pick out some fabric and start a quilt.  The frustration and joy of that first quilt were addicting.  I didn't even mind the pin pricks and bleeding fingers.  In fact, there was an odd sense of pride in knowing my actual blood, sweat, and tears went into that lovely quilt.  
And now (2018), I have become more of a quilter than I ever dreamed of.  My quilts are getting made with better skill.  I am writing patterns and dreaming of designing fabric,  And I LOVE this quilting community.  I have made great friends and feel such a sense of camaraderie.  So thank you for stopping by this little space in the world to join me on my quilting journey.  I would love to be friends on Instagram or have you join my email list so I can take part in your journey, as well!