Weekly Planner
Weekly Planner
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Weekly Planner

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Customizable weekly planner is perfect for creatives. You can use it when you need to and It never expires.

What's included:

  • 25 pages that measure 8 ½" x 11".
  • Fill in the blank for the dates.
  • Write your weekly and daily focus.
  • 5 weekdays and the weekend each have their own box to fill.
  • 16 TO-DO check the box.  Let's face it, any more than this is a bit much.
  • Each order comes with my best business growth tips bookmark.

I designed this weekly planner so it would be flat enough to fit on your desk or in a draw close by.  You can use it on weeks you need it and put it aside when you don't.

When you write in the dates and write down your big to-dos, your brain does a better job of remembering it.  

Each sheet is simply designed so you enjoy having it in eye sight.

Get the satisfaction of checking off your To-Dos.

I kept the price low enough that you won't break this bank with this weekly planner.

PRICE: $9.99